Vision, Mission and Goals


SetoGurans envisions Nepal as a country, in which the rights of all children are ensured, where all children receive quality opportunities for learning and developing their full potential, so as to grow up healthy, happy and with self-esteem, to become contributing members in future for the positive transformation of the society and the nation.


  • Provide opportunities for all round development of the children of ECD age
  • Collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders for service delivering
  • Ensure quality environment for ECD
  • Support stakeholders for the expansion, promotion and development of ECD


  • To sensitize, lobby and advocate for ECD programs
  • To provide services for the development, expansion, promotion, and innovation of ECD program
  • To support for ensuring the quality of ECD
  • To improve the economic sustainability of the institution
  • To develop and expand supportive networks for the promotion and expansion of ECD Programme
  • To develop the overall capacity of the organization