Local governments taking proactive steps to establish breastfeeding corners

It's good to share that the local governments are taking proactive steps to establish breastfeeding corners. So far, a total of 24 breastfeeding corners have been managed by the 14 local governments with the advocacy, coordination and technical support by the ECD coordinators, who have been posted at the respective 14 local governments as envisioned in the "National Strategy for Early Childhood Development 2077-2088". Seto Gurans National Child Development Services and UNICEF Nepal are jointly supporting in implementation (piloting) of the "National Strategy for Early Childhood Development 2077–2088" in collaboration with National Planning Commission in respective 14 local governments.

Such initiatives by the local government in creating and managing breastfeeding-friendly spaces can have several positive impacts:

- Community Health Promotion: By establishing breastfeeding corners, the local governments are contributing to the promotion of optimal infant nutrition and maternal health.

- Public Awareness and Education: It can help dispel myths, reduce stigma, and encourage a supportive community attitude towards breastfeeding.

- Inclusivity in Public Spaces: Breastfeeding corners contribute to making public spaces more inclusive and family-friendly, which creates environments that are welcoming and supportive of diverse community needs.

- Employee Support: Breastfeeding-friendly facilities demonstrates support for working mothers.

- Long-term Impact on Public Health: Indeed, the local government’s support in breastfeeding has long-term public health benefits. Breastfed infants are less prone to certain infections and chronic diseases, and breastfeeding has positive effects on maternal health.

# We adhere such initiatives by the respective local governments and continue promoting such campaigns that contribute to the overall well-being of families.