Reflective workshop on the implementation of the National ECD Strategy 2020-2030 at the local level

In coordination with the Government of Nepal, the National Planning Commission, a reflective workshop on the implementation of the National ECD Strategy 2020-2030 at the local level was jointly organized by UNICEF Nepal and Seto Gurans NCDS: सेतो गुराँस राष्ट्रिय बाल विकास सेवा

Since 2022, UNICEF Nepal, in partnership with Seto Gurans NCDS, have been supporting 14 municipalities in the Sudurpaschhim, Karnali, Lumbini, and Madhesh Provinces to form local ECD steering committees and appointing ECD coordinators for the purpose of modeling the implementation of the National ECD Strategy.

The workshop was focused on reflection on the achievements and lessons learned during the first year of this initiative under the UNICEF Nepal-supported project "Strengthening Early Childhood Education and Development in Nepal through Implementation of Early Learning Development Standards”, especially the stories and insights from the 14 ECD coordinators' experiences on the ground. Sincere gratitude to the Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission (NPC), Ministry of Federal Affairs & General Administration (MoFAGA), Center For Education And Human Resources Development (CEHRD), Department of Health Service (DoHS), Department of Women and Children (DoWC) and UNICEF Nepal for insightful facilitation through “3-Day Reflective Workshop on the Implementation of the National ECD Strategy 2020-2030 at the Local Level” to the ECD Coordinators from 14 different Local Governments.

Earlier, the workshop was jointly inaugurated by the president of the workshop and Seto Gurans NCDS Chairperson Ms Rajya Laxmi Nakarmi, Chief Guest NPC Member Hon Dr Ramesh Chandra Paudel, and Special Guest Deputy Representative of UNICEF Nepal Dr Jee Hyun Rah in presence of other Government Officials (different Ministries, Departments), delegates from Embassy of Finland, representatives from Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN), National Association of Rural Municipalities In Nepal (NARMIN), NGO/INGOs, Media Persons, Seto Gurans NCDS Board Members, Staff members, and ECD Coordinators.

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